Interview with Trimbos Institute

The Trimbos Institute is concerned with mental health and is the knowledge center when it comes to problems due to the use of substances, such as addiction. What does this do to a person, how big is the problem and how can we ensure that addiction in society is prevented and reduced. They inform people who have problems with use, but they also provide advice to, for example, the government, employers and partners on how to deal with addiction and problematic use / behavior in their environment.

When asked about addiction, Ninette answered very aptly: if a substance gets a fixed role in your life because you cannot handle certain situations yourself (or think you can do it).

If you use an addictive substance (in this case alcohol) to, for example, deal with emotions, relax or if you want to be “more sociable” or “looser” in social interaction. The use of substances ensures that you do not learn dealing with these situations, so that you continue to see a reason to keep using it. Because you quickly develop a tolerance for a substance, it causes you to use more and more for the same effect, with all the physical and psychological consequences of that.

Ninette says that research shows that some of the addicts get rid of their addiction without completely stopping drinking. Whether complete and always stopping is necessary depends on the seriousness of the addiction. If there is a demonstrable reason to keep drinking, it may be that if you resolve that reason, the need for drinking will also decrease and there will no longer be any problematic use of alcohol.

We talked about much more in our conversation, which will of course be incorporated into the documentary. Dear Ninette and Marjan (communication consultant), thank you for the pleasant and enlightening interview. Both for the documentary and for myself. – Nikki

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