Am I an alcoholic?
We all drink a few drinks a day, right?


I work, take care of my children, take my responsibilities. But after 10 years of drinking quietly, but structurally too much, I start noticing the consequences. I always feel so horrible in the morning, I can’t concentrate more and more, fall out to people who don’t deserve it and I keep isolating myself.


When are you actually an addict? What is the role of society and our culture in this and what does a withdrawal process and the recovery after really look like? If that is clear to me, I will start treatment for my alcohol addiction. How difficult is it, what does my environment think and are you really an alcoholic forever?


The search for “silent addiction”, one that many people suffer from but do not know or don’t want to acknowledge. Because an alcoholic is not just someone who is lying drunk under a bridge with a bottle of cheap liquor.


Follow me in my search for answers about this kind of addiction and my own process to recovery.


– Nikki

crew & guests

Nikki Nooteboom

Concept, production, direction, comms/PR and subject 😉

Dalí Brückel

Camera and edit

Jeroen Kleijne

Journalist and coach

Mads Wittermans

ex addict, actor & friend

Arie Dijkstra

Professor Psychology at RUG, specialized in addictions

Ninette van Hasselt

Program director Alcohol at Trimbos Institute

David Savage

Writer title song


Radio silence until May 1st


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Fall/winter 2020

A documentary by

Nikki Nooteboom